Friday, 2 March 2012

Guiltless Pleasure - The Weight Loss Coaching Product Review

The Product: Guiltless Pleasure

6 part Audio Course and accompanying handbook
The program includes:
  • 6 audios
  • Accompanying workbook
  • Progress Charts
  • Practical Time and stress management techniques
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) tools to change your thoughts about food.
  • Ways to overcome emotional eating 
  • Lose weight without yo-yo dieting
  • Techniques to increase self esteem
  • Discover how to plan and ensure future success
This is a weight loss product with a difference. The course doesn’t talk ABOUT what works, rather on this course, you actually DO IT! It's hands on and gives listeners real techniques which bring lasting changes. It's having advanced coaching from an International Weight Loss and Emotional Eating expert directly on your mp3 player. It’s simply a cost effective way to enjoy coaching.
Insider info about this product:

Guiltless Pleasure is a fun journey to re-patterning your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about your health, food and your life. Easy to follow techniques to help you easily get control of your eating and lose weight permanently.

This course is the result of hours of coaching clients privately and in group coaching sessions. Change is fun, quick and long lasting.

The course consists of six classes of about 35 minutes each with an accompanying workbook. The idea is to listen to a class a week and spend the days in between practicing the wonderful and powerful techniques and tools. The course is motivating, enjoyable and hands-on program to help you actively change thought patterns and habits.

Background to Guiltless Pleasure

Why do people find it hard to stick to diets or choose healthy food? Why do people sometimes overeat or binge?
This program is for women who want to finally get to grips with why losing weight and eating in a balanced way is a challenge.

Diets don’t work. They ask you to eat in an unreasonable way and eat foods you normally wouldn’t eat. A diet leaves you feeling depressed and guilty when you give up the battle to stick to it. Research shows that more than 90% of people who attempt to lose weight by dieting alone fail. Guiltless Pleasure is about getting to the bottom of what's really going on, losing weight without fad dieting.

Cravings, emotional eating, binging and overeating all come from not having good coping mechanisms for life's ups and downs. This program is a hands-on practical course in coping with stress, anxiety, removing bad habits and taking charge of how you eat.

Why eat emotionally?

Often people eat from a hunger for something other than food. When you are unhappy, sad, down or bored, you feel empty inside. That empty feeling needs to be filled. Often a person reaches for cake or cookies to fill that gap. This is called Emotional eating or eating for comfort, meaning that you want to use food to change your mood and feel better and fill that gap. Overeating or unhealthy choices of food come from having feelings of dissatisfaction with life, bad relationships, recovering from loss or divorce, or from stress and anxiety. Also people may have life-long bad habits, unfulfilled dreams and poor coping mechanisms for life' ups and downs. This is where Guiltless Pleasure steps in to help.

This program helps you cut down on comfort and emotional eating by helping you deal well with the causes of feeling down or empty in the first place. Also we discuss more healthy alternatives to food, when those feelings do turn up. Let's try to get rid of that emotional hole or at least fill it with something other than cake or cookies. This course helps reverse all that, by dealing better with challenges such as stress and negative thinking. Stop life getting you down so much in the first place. This program helps people get their eating under control and also raises self esteem and quality of life along the way. Stop eating at night or when sad, down or bored.  Increase self esteem and happiness by discovering easy to learn tried and tested techniques to overcome emotional eating and cravings, new ways to break those eating habits and NLP techniques to change perspective and improve self esteem. Discover time and stress management techniques, ways to improve body image and learn also the golden rules of naturally slim people.

The course includes gems from psychology, life coaching, Cognitive Behavioral therapy as well as ideas and visualization techniques from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

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