Sunday, 19 February 2012

How to Tone Your Arms and Abs Before Wearing A Bikini

Toning exercises for your arms and abs take only a few minutes each day, but the results will be positively obvious when you go to the beach wearing your micro bikini, since your muscles will be most visible after you apply your oil and sunscreen. 

To get started, use lightweight hand weights that you've already purchased from the store. If you don't have traditional weights, you can use any objects in your home that are of equal weight (one weight in each hand). Make-shift substitutes could be hiking boots, ski boots, or anything else you can quickly find at home. Once you have done your exercises, you'll notice that your forearms, triceps, and biceps will look more toned, and the blood flowing into that part of your body will give your skin a special glow.


To tone your arms, try to use hand weights that are between one to five pounds each. I guess you could put five pounds of flour or five pounds of sugar into a plastic zipped bag to get the same results as store-bought gym equipment, but I'll let you be the judge of what works best for you. 

To tone your triceps and chest, position yourself into a squatting stance. Keep your legs aligned to be equal with the width of your shoulders. With slightly bent knees, and while holding one weight in each of your hands, slowly move your arms away from your body and hold for the count of ten when your arms are lifted straight out. You will feel tension or a little burning in your chest and your triceps. That means that the exercise is working. 

Holding the weights, stretch your arms out straight in front of you, and then by bending each arm at the elbow, curl your hand and bring it toward your body until it meets your shoulder. This will work your triceps. 

To quickly tone your abs, and to trim inches from your mid-section, go online and look for Yoga abdomen workouts that focus on strengthening your abdomen. If you have an iPhone, there might be an app for that. However, if you don't have time to do your research online, you can always just put a pillow down on the floor and do some leg crunches. 

By sticking with these exercises everyday, for no more than seven minutes each day, you'll have a well-toned bikini body in no time. Get started today and feel wonderful.

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