Monday, 7 November 2011

Postpartum Depression: Feeling The Blues After Childbirth

A lot of people have no idea how hard it is to be a new mom, it could make a good reality show There's a concept that being a new mom means that your are all rosy and happy all the time. While yes it is one of the happiest times of a womens life, you're not happy all the time, feeling the 'baby blues' is common and a proportion of women will experience postpartum depression.

Did you know over 50% of women feel some form of “baby blues” after they have given birth? So you're not alone, and certainly not a bad mother because you are feeling down.
 Lots of women can feel restless, impatient, anxious and irritable following having a baby. When you think of everything both you and your infant have been enduring the last year, then feeling these things shouldn't surprise you. Carrying a child and giving birth are extremely emotional times, so it is not really a surprise you'd feel emotionally drained after giving birth. Some nice new baby gifts might help too!
Most women report that the 'baby blues' feelings are gone as quickly as they came. There is help for the portion of those mothers for whom the symptoms remain. Some symptoms of postpartum depression are: not being able to focus, low energy, extreme emotional ups and downs, unhappiness, absolutely no interest or extreme interest in the baby, lack of appetite, and frightened of harming the baby. A mother with postpartum does not have to exhibit all symptoms each day. What they do feel each day is guilt, shame and they have a tendency to become isolated.
It saddens me to say that we do not know yet the causes of post partum depression. Factors like lack of sleep, isolation after the baby is born, anxiety and hormones that affect the brains chemistry are what some researchers think may cause postpartum depression. The idealic picture on motherhood being this happy joyful thing isn't complete. On a single day it could be one of the most fulfilling and the hardest ob you'll ever have. Because of these two clashing ideals you have moms that become quite depressed after giving birth.
It isn't always easy for you to spot postpartum depression in your life. You might believe you feel down because you are working very hard and sleeping and showers aren't priorities.

Therefore, if a friend or loved one expresses their concern, pay attention to what they are saying. Call your doctor right away if you are seeing the symptoms in your life. A doctor will be an important part of your recovery, you can't rely on just attending support groups. Do not feel ashamed or guilty. You may be feeling better soon, the support from both your physician and friends will have you feeling normal once again.
If you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms for a long period of time, it's not the 'baby blues'. but postpartum depression and you need to speak to your doctor. Getting healthy is important for you and the new baby.

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