Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nutrilite Healthy Weight Management Program

Crash dieting and excessive exercise routines are not synonymous with the Nutrilite Weight Management Program. This program is designed to encourage individuals to change their lifestyles on a long-term basis. Losing weight is a goal that the inidvidual sets for himself that requires a high level of committment. Nobody really wants to lose weight and have the'pounds' packing up after. Therefore, the Nutrilite Weight Management Program is the preferred choice because it teaches individuals to develop and harness new habits or healthy lifestyles that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Eating Plans

The Nutrilite Weight Management Program offers 3 different options that take into account your unique genetics. These 3 options include Carb Reducer, Fat Trimmer and Better Balancer.

1) Nutrilite Carb Reducer Plan focuses on a distinction between complex carbs and simple carbs. The effectiveness of this plan is demonstrated in its ability to be tailored to meet your unique genetic make up, which essence makes weight loss successful. The plan also helps to get you started on the road to losing weight as well as proving daily guides. This plan includes everything you need for 28 days:

2) Nutrilite Fat Trimmer Plan provides guidelines to reducing fat intake and like the Nutrilite Carb Reducer Plan, is tailored to meet the genetic make up of the individual. This plan includes everything you need for 28 days including a:

3) Nutrilite Better Balancer Plan is a balance of healthy fats and carbs. Like the other two plans mentioned earlier, this is tailored to suit the genetic make up of the individual. It also provides the 'know how' on what to eat, how to exercise and an easy-to-follow plan to incorporate into your lifestyle. This plan includes:
All 3 plans offer easy-to-follow eating plan complemented with daily menus and recipes, If for example there is something on the menu that you do not like, there's the choice to exchange it for something more delicious, using established dietary exchanges.


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