A Woman's Guide to Fitness Stretching

Click the "Play" button on the video above to see simple stretching exercises.

However, the problem with stretching is that most people commonly take it for granted. Despite it being an easy workout, stretching is not given much importance, especially by women. As a result, instead of benefitting from stretching, the result is more damage to one’s body including possible injuries.

How Can I Make Stretching Beneficial?
Stretching practices the muscle’s ability to expand and retract. When the muscle is stretched too far, injuries are likely to follow. A muscle tear can be very painful.

The following tips should be followed during stretching to make it safest and most beneficial.

1)Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Make sure that the garments worn will not hamper the body’s movement in any way.

2)Do stretching first thing in the morning. It is best to do when the sun is still not up or when the sun is barely on the horizon. A blow of fresh air and the warmth of the sun are beneficial factors during stretching.

3)Do stretching regularly. Routine will allow the body to get used to the exercise, thus enabling it to adjust well to changes exercising may bring.

4)Your muscles are not elastic rubber bands. Make sure to warm up first to avoid causing strain. As such, one should do simpler activities like a few minutes walking to warm up the leg muscles. On the other hand, when one is engaging in a very strenuous exercise routine, stretching is the best preparation. However, make sure to finish off your exercise with stretching to conclude the exercise routine.

5)Do not overdo it. This is most applicable for those who will embark on stretching for the first time or after a long layoff. One should listen to their body. When the body begins to ache or when it shows signs of fatigue, one must learn to stop to avoid further damage.

6)Moreover, a woman should do stretching in slightly increasing levels of intensity and difficulty. This is to give the body time to adjust to stretching patterns as well as to prevent injury by suddenly embarking in a heavy routine.

7)Do not do stretching after meals. This will not give you the most benefit because digestion will prevent you from fully executing your stretching routine. It is best to do it before breakfast. Avoid eating a great deal much after stretching. 

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