Thursday, 8 March 2012

Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

Having a baby affects every part of your body. Basically, Women naturally gain weight during pregnancy and many gradually lose it afterwards. But some women may find it difficult to lose weight after having a baby.

If you are not one of the larger women who easily and naturally lose weight after pregnancy and you are sure that it is important for you to lose weight, go about it carefully and slowly. Smaller women normally take up to 9-12 months to return to their pre-pregnancy weights. It took your body 9 months to gain the weight gradually; it is probably best to lose it in the same way.
However, there are some things you can do to find effective solutions for fast weight loss solutions after having a baby. Making wise choices can promote healthy weight loss after pregnancy. Here are some helpful tips to lose weight the safe way.

1. Breastfeeding burns calories. It can help mothers lose extra weight gained during pregnancy, burns about 500 calories per day. If you do breastfeed, make sure you're giving your body the fuel it needs for that extra energy demand. Experts recommend that you wait until your baby is at least 2 months old before you try to lose weight. Now isn't the time to go on a diet; restricting your calories too much can reduce your milk supply, and losing too much weight (more than two pounds a week) can actually release toxins that wind up in your milk.

2. Exercise. As soon as you feel ready, start with easy and gentle exercises such as walking, swimming or yoga. It is recommended that you should start slowly with a 10 minute exercise and then gradually increase it. You should keep a limit of approximately 30 minute on your exercise time but in case of any sign of dizziness or short of breath you should immediately cease it.

3. Watch your portion sizes! Many people have no concept of the amount of food that hey should be eating. Learning the correct portions that you should consume can greatly improve your weight lose.
4. Healthy eating. Enjoy eating a nutritious, choose low-fat, high-fibre foods, plan healthy snacks such as fresh fruit to stave off hunger instead of grabbing a biscuit on the run, and avoid grazing from the fridge. Also, do watch what you drink, as a surprising number of calories can be hidden in juice and other drinks. Make sure that you stay away from sugary foods if you want to lose weight quickly. This means no sugar in your coffee, on your cereals, or eating that candy bar!

Remember, you may not be able to return to your exact pre-pregnancy weight or shape. For many women, pregnancy often causes permanent changes such as a softer belly, slightly wider hips, and a larger waistline. With this in mind, you can accept the changes in your body. Enjoy with yourself.

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