Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Woman’s Guide to Digestive Health

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in a woman’s body. This is because the digestive system is the one system that processes the proper nutrients as well ensuring good health. The importance of the digestive system in a woman’s body is highlighted by the fact that over time, a woman’s body is subject to various changes. Bodily changes such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopausal may require a woman to take certain amounts of nutrients, especially in the case of pregnancy. Needless to say, it will be through the digestive system that proper nutrients will enter the body through the foods a woman eats.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How Physiotherapy Can Help Women's Health Issues

Women's health encompasses a broad spectrum of issues that can be treated by physiotherapy. From pregnancy back pain to incontinence problems faced by older women, physiotherapy can help.

Bladder incontinence is a problem for 13 million Americans on any given day. Although some men have this problem, it is present in much greater numbers in the area of women's health.

There are several different kinds of incontinence. Stress incontinence happens mainly when the person coughs or sneezes. Urge incontinence causes the person to have sudden urges to use the restroom. This may be due to organ prolapse, such as a tilted uterus, which can also lead to sexual dysfunction. Women's health physiotherapy may well be able to help correct these conditions.

Weight Management for Women

Click on the 'play' button in the video above for insightful tips on weight management for women.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Side Effects of Estrogen

Estrogen Side Effects positively exist, and one should understand the difference between natural estrogen and artificial estrogen. The most frequent Artificial Estrogen Side Effects are vaginitis resulting from yeast or different causes, vaginal bleeding, painful menstruation, leg cramps, vaginal discomfort , breast pain, vaginitis and itching.

While researching the topic of possible Side effects caused by the utilization of Estrotone, I was quite stunned discovering I was having a very difficult time in my quest. In fact, I was not able to find any relevant health subjects specializing in the attainable uncomfortable side effects of Estrotone. In consequence, I focused my search more extensive on the substances present in Estrotone.

Dealing With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and morning sickness seem to go hand in hand—at least during the first trimester of pregnancy. While the term contains the time of day "morning," the truth of the matter is that some women feel sick at different times of the day. Unfortunately, for some women, they feel sick all day and night. Primarily related to the beginning of pregnancy, morning sickness can even drag out until the baby is born. Nausea, smell-related nausea and even weight loss are some of the symptoms of morning sickness. Learning what to look for can also help you to fight it.


One of the earliest signs of pregnancy in most women is nausea. Other women never experience it, which goes to show that each pregnancy is different. While the direct cause of the nausea is unknown, most doctors and health experts attribute it the changes that the body is undergoing during pregnancy. Another item that seems to contribute to the nausea is the prenatal vitamin prescribed by your doctor. If you find yourself feeling sick to your stomach after taking the pill, try taking the vitamin at different times during the day or on a full stomach to see if it prevents the sick feeling.

Weight Gain During Menopause

Getting older might mean getting wiser but it doesn't necessarily spare you the excess pounds. In fact, the closer  women get to menopause, the more their midsections wreck havoc on our figures, making it exceedingly difficult to lose weight. Even worse, it seems that with little or no prodding from us, it's so easy to gain weight. More commonly known as menopause weight gain, this is caused by hormone changes, diet, lack of exercise and genetics.

The time leading right to the actual moment of menopause is fraught by so many inconveniences-- not the least of which is hormonal changes that cause havoc on our body systems. Moreover, weight gain during menopause is also due to the fact that as people age, muscle mass naturally diminishes, contributing to the fat content in our bodies. When steps aren't taken to reverse it (i.e. exercise and the proper diet), getting excess pounds here and there is inevitable. Genetic make up must not also be discounted when looking at the reasons behind menopause weight gain. If your mother naturally grew rounder as she grew older, then chances are you will also suffer the same fate-- unless you take active steps to actually prevent that from happening. Stresses such as the death of a spouse or the leaving of children from the house can also contribute to weight gain.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

There are many symptoms of a yeast infection in women. Listed here are five of them. Feel free to examine them if you realize you might have a yeast infection.

1. The affected body part itches severely. Yeast infections may prefer to grow in the places where scratching will be challenging, like the mouth or maybe the vagina. A person's skin affected by candida may have red rashes, that may be much more obvious on skin patches with hair growing on them.

2. However, your body part feels as though it burns, or is painful to the touch. It might not necessarily trigger blisters or include things like itchiness. Nevertheless, the body part may feel tingly or numbed. This kind of decrease of sensation does not mean that the region is going to be protected from yeast infection.

3. Sensitivity to some chemical compounds could be increased. Triggers include things like antibiotic products, sugar, refined carbohydrates (often referred to as most processed food), and of course, yeast.

4. Mental and physical coordination may also be affected. Those who suffer aren t able to balance them selves or even move in the way they would like. They can't concentrate on duties, and become lazy because of no-fault of their own. Mood swings in addition to heightened negative moods are usually additional signals.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Nutrilite Healthy Weight Management Program

Crash dieting and excessive exercise routines are not synonymous with the Nutrilite Weight Management Program. This program is designed to encourage individuals to change their lifestyles on a long-term basis. Losing weight is a goal that the inidvidual sets for himself that requires a high level of committment. Nobody really wants to lose weight and have the'pounds' packing up after. Therefore, the Nutrilite Weight Management Program is the preferred choice because it teaches individuals to develop and harness new habits or healthy lifestyles that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Healthy Weight Loss Methods

With so many weight loss diets, plans, programs and unusual methods popping up like popcorn, it's really getting difficult to identify the best way to lose weight.

I'm a big advocate of healthy weight loss, so I don't like methods that produce weight loss result at the expense of your health. If you want to stay slim, at the same time, healthy, stay with me and I'll show you what constitutes a healthy weight loss and the best way to help you remove those ugly slabs of fat off your belly, thighs and buttocks.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

What You Must Know About Natural Health Nutritional Supplements

When you want to give your body that extra boost, you know that it requires some reinforcement. And if you are already part of the natural health society, then you know it means taking natural health nutritional supplements.

These natural health nutritional supplements are designed specifically to work with your body. They will protect your lungs, heart, and your skin from any other disease that you are likely to contract during your lifetime.

What Is Natural Women's Health?

Obviously, the anatomy of the human body is different for both men and women; however, most people see evidence for this in the actual physical appearance of the body. This is certainly the most distinguishable difference, but there are many other different internal factors as well, such as the regulation of hormonal secretions and the type of secretions; in addition, women are more prone to certain diseases than men.

If you decide to take natural health approach as a woman, you will need to address these differences in the regimen you design.

Vaginal Dryness - A Common Problem Faced By Most Women

You are not alone if you happen to suffer from such a problem. There are many women in every country who face this problem. Your chance of vaginal dryness increases once you have your menopause. The main reason for any one to suffer vaginal dryness is mainly due to reduction in estrogen production which leads to the drying and thinning of the vagina wall. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Postpartum Depression: Feeling The Blues After Childbirth

A lot of people have no idea how hard it is to be a new mom, it could make a good reality show There's a concept that being a new mom means that your are all rosy and happy all the time. While yes it is one of the happiest times of a womens life, you're not happy all the time, feeling the 'baby blues' is common and a proportion of women will experience postpartum depression.

Did you know over 50% of women feel some form of “baby blues” after they have given birth? So you're not alone, and certainly not a bad mother because you are feeling down.

Cervical Cancer: 5 Crucial Points About The Disease

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer which takes place on the cervix of a female. It usually progresses gradually till it gets to be an invasive cancer. An invasive cancer indicates that the cancer cells can spread to other components. In the scenario of cervical cancer, the cancer cells will have an effect on the vagina, rectum, bladder, lungs and liver. This type of cancer can be handled when caught in its early stage.

1) Triggers and Risk Aspects
 Some of the threat components for cervical cancer include previous infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), many sexual partners, taking oral contraceptives, early sexual speak to and cigarette cigarette smoking. There have been studies carried out which establishes a robust hyperlink among HPV and the improvement of cancer in the cervix.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Take Advantages of Infertility Treatments in India and Enjoy the Bliss of Parenthood

Authored By: Anupam Pramanik

Infertility basically is considered to be the inability of a person to conceive. Both men and women can suffer from infertility. A woman can also be termed infertile when she is not able to carry the child for the entire term of pregnancy. There can be various causes of infertility. Those include tubal problems, problems regarding ovulation, sperm problems, age related problems and there can also be unexplained infertility. There are several clinics in India which offer infertility treatments to the couples trying to reproduce. The range of treatments offered by those clinics is vast.

Basically 3 types of treatments are provided to cure fertility problems. The categories include assisted conception, surgical treatments and medicines to improve fertility.

Anorexia Nervosa: Signs, Symptoms and Causes

It’s only human to wish you looked different or could fix something about yourself. But when a preoccupation with being thin takes over your eating habits, thoughts, and life, it’s a sign of an eating disorder. When you have anorexia, the desire to lose weight becomes more important than anything else. You may even lose the ability to see yourself as you truly are.

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder. It can damage your health and even threaten your life. But you’re not alone. There’s help available when you’re ready to make a change. You deserve to be happy. Treatment will help you feel better and learn to value yourself.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Importance of Breast Self Examination (BSE)

As you know a breast self  examination is not a substitute for mammogram breast screening test, but many health professionals encourage women to know what is normal for their breasts. Do you know why it is important to perform self examination of breasts? Acknowledging the normal feel and look can help in the detection of possible anomalies. If you carry out self examination of your breasts on regular basis, you can become familiar with the normal appearance, which helps in early detection of breast anomalies.

Natural Supplements for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Once dismissed as something that was just in our heads, premenstrual syndrome is finally acknowledged as a real disorder. PMS affects ladies in several ways - making us edgy, emotional, crampy or bloated. Other symptoms embrace breast tenderness, headaches, backaches, impaired concentration and focus, and food cravings.

Most girls figure they only need to stay with it. But the fact is that taking all-natural supplements may help you are feeling masses better. nutraOrigin, makers of top of the range vitamins for ladies, shares the secrets of natural PMS relief.

The Secret To Cellulite

A question as old as cellulite itself. Many women, and some men, feel that their cellulite is a direct result of some action or in-action on their part but is this really the case? I will attempt to explain what cellulite is, how it occurs and in the process hopefully alleviate some of the guilt a few of you may be feeling.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Uterine Fibroids Treatment - 3 Innovative Techniques for Treatment

Click on the "play" button above for a better understanding of uterine fibroids.

On the path to pregnancy, many women encounter obstacles from the emotionally trying to the medically severe. But in spite of all of these, many women come out victorious bearing their babies with pride. One of such obstacles is uterine fibrosis. Uterine fibrosis is a common condition; it is a benign and non cancerous tumor which occurs outside the uterine wall. They vary in size (from the same size as a football down to the size of a peanut) and their symptoms are relative to these sizes.

Understanding Endometriosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

While many women experience mild pain during their monthly menstrual cycle, there many others who observe more symptoms. A very common gynecological disorder is endometriosis.

Endometrium is a tissue that lines inside uterus. Endometriosis occurs when this tissue is found outside affecting ovaries, ligament supporting the uterus, fallopian tubes, the outer surface of uterus, the area between vagina and rectum and some cases bladder, vagina, bowel, cervix, vulva and in abdominal surgical scars.

Dieting For Weight Loss

The most common reason that people cite for dieting today is weight loss. While most of us would love to claim the noble mantle of dieting for health the vast majority of us are doing so for vanity. This, however, is a perfectly acceptable and plausible reason for making the lifestyle changes that are necessary in order to diet. In fact, this reason might prove to be a far greater motivator than many of the other commonly stated reasons for dieting.

Women's Health Care: Crucial Improvements In The Treatment Of The Issues

It is important that women keep themselves up to date with the latest advances in women's health. Keeping themselves well versed with all the information and services that are currently available. Advances in our knowledge of women's health has shown us now that women and men differ greatly on physiological basis and therefore need to be looked at different when considering treatments.

Our attention should be drawn to the primary areas of concern for all women such as reproductive health, heart disease, female cancers and diet.

Ovarian Cyst Removal and the Type of Surgical Procedure to Remove Ovarian Cysts

Most ovarian cysts are not life threatening and they usually disappear after several months. However, there are some cysts that continuously grow overtime and may require an ovarian cysts removal. In such cases, the cyst could result to different symptoms especially intense pain in the pelvic area.

It is required to have an ovarian cyst removal if the condition is cancerous. The risk of the cyst becoming cancerous tends to increase with old age.

Menstrual Migraine

When it comes to migraines, women are three times more prone to getting them than men. Around 20% of women of childbearing age suffer from hormone-related headaches like menstrual migraine or PMS headache, with 70% of these women suffering from menstrual migraine.

While migraine symptoms differ from one person to the next, they generally include the following:

- Severe headache
- Feeling sick
- Being sick
- Sensitivity to light

While there seems to be no apparent reason for migraines to suddenly occur in some migraine sufferers, there could be triggers for others. If you suffer from migraine, you will eventually find out what your particular triggers are over time and you can make a conscious effort to avoid those triggers.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Metodo Gabriel, 3 Common Sense Healthy Eating Tips

Author: TaylorSimon
Many people know that if you want a long life span and a body that is strong, eating healthy is of all importance. Your body is more capable of shaking off illnesses when it is full of health. Yet, so many people fail to establish a diet and mindset based on wise eating choices. You are helped when you take hold of the realization that along with healthy choices, are tips and plans apart from what you put in your mouth. Again, the habits in your eating and your actions, will impact how you feel overall. We will take some time to look at suggestions for your nutrition that will help you get to your goals in health and diet.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Woman's Guide to Fitness Stretching

Click the "Play" button on the video above to see simple stretching exercises.

However, the problem with stretching is that most people commonly take it for granted. Despite it being an easy workout, stretching is not given much importance, especially by women. As a result, instead of benefitting from stretching, the result is more damage to one’s body including possible injuries.

How Can I Make Stretching Beneficial?
Stretching practices the muscle’s ability to expand and retract. When the muscle is stretched too far, injuries are likely to follow. A muscle tear can be very painful.

The following tips should be followed during stretching to make it safest and most beneficial.

Natural Remedies for Perimenopause and Menopause Symptoms

More and more women are seeking natural alternative treatments for menopausal symptoms, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most compelling reason for many is the association between conventional hormone replacement therapy and a number of serious health risks, including an increased risk of breast cancer and blood clots, although the link has by no means been proven, and the issue is currently the subject of serious debate among women’s health experts. Many women have experienced unpleasant side effects resulting from conventional HRT, including nausea, headaches and vaginal bleeding. Many women simply feel apprehensive at the thought of taking drugs which have been manufactured synthetically.

Menopause and Women's Health

Couples going through menopause often have unique struggles when coping with the new changes and challenges it brings to them both as individuals, and as partners. It is an inner battle – mentally and physically – for not just women, but men as well. For women, it may be hard to get a male partner to understand and be able to empathise with her challenges. But both sexes go through a form of menopause, and this transition is disruptive and even scary, and a certain level of understanding and communication is required for any one to have a quality relationship at this stage of life.
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